American Apparel closing?

this story is developing...we will update the page as more information becomes known.

Los Angeles, Calif.— American Apparel recently was purchased for $88 Million by Gildan Activewear, resulting in its closure of all 110 of its U.S. retail locations. The Los Angeles Times reported the deal included the purchase of not only the American Apparel brand, but also its orphaned manufacturing equipment and inventory.

Currently, we do not believe this will affect the wholesale side of American Apparel's business. It is anticipated that Gildan Activewear will continue the American Apparel brand through its wholesale line of products. This means Knoxville, Tenn.-based Threds, Inc. will still be able to procure and provide American Apparel to its customers. At this time, the company’s ability to acquire inventory will not be affected by these changes. Rumors have it, that apparel produced for the wholesale line will be produced somewhere in the southeastern U.S., but there are no clear indications as to how long that move may take.

In the meantime, if for any reason inventory or stock does become an issue, Threds, Inc. recommends these popular brands:

Alternative Apparel

Bella Canvas

More information will be disclosed as it becomes available.