Shirts to Advertise Your Brand

The majority of people view t-shirts as comfort, fitness or casual wear, but t-shirts can be a great advertising medium. Your customers can be wearing your business logo, sports team and event around the community giving greater exposure to your brand. When it comes to using custom t-shirts for advertisement purposes, the possibilities are endless.

Business Advertisement

Customers wearing a custom business t-shirt become walking advertisements for your brand. Someone wearing a t-shirt with your business logo and perhaps your slogan is bound to be seen by others. In the local convenience store or walking down the street, your brand is being advertised. So consider giving out custom t-shirts out at the next event you hold or include them on in the next package you send to your valued customer.

Sports Teams

Are you a member or team captain of a sports team? Custom t-shirts are a great way to show your team spirit. Many sports teams are sponsored and custom t-shirts are great advertisement for your generous sponsors.

Event Advertising

 Are you holding a charity event? Creating custom t-shirts is a great way to advertise for the event. Additionally, consider handing them out at the event as a thank you to those who attended and give the sponsor of you event well deserved exposure.  

Pro-tip: The more comfortable and well made the shirt, the more often your customers will wear it. Consider getting a ring-spun shirt, one of our last articles, Ring-spun Cotton vs Regular Cotton, illustrates why. 

No matter what you need advertisement for, custom t-shirts are sure to get your brand out there. Designing promotional t-shirts is fun and easy and there are so many design options available. Let’s face it, t-shirts are comfortable and just about everyone enjoys having a custom t-shirt to remind them about your business or event. Threds manufactures thousands of t-shirts a year for businesses, sports teams and events just like yours. Give us a call today to start your next custom order.