Camp Narroway pairs with Threds to help scouts earn artist badges

Be it with creating apparel for you or finding your next promotional product, Threds is here to help you all the way.

We also like helping out our community. So when Camp Narroway, an American Heritage Girls regional summer camp, asked us to make a presentation to a group of girl scouts recently about working in the field of art, we were happy to lend a hand.

In order for scouts to earn their artist badge, it’s required to interview an artist and review their work. Chad Hatala, a graphic designer at Threds, along with the company’s marketing director, Frank Bisek, joined campers July 30 to offer their hand in helping get some campers their badges.

Hatala discussed his schooling, career path and, moreover, what led him to his job today at Threds. Campers asked questions about his artistic inspirations, what sort of equipment he uses, and where they possibly might have seen some of his work. And as it turned out, Hatala actually designed Camp Narroway’s shirts – the very ones the young inquirers were wearing.

Hatala went on to display sketches from his college days, along with some layout design examples and fine art pieces, which campers held and were able to examine for themselves, up close and personal.

And, who knows, maybe one day one of them will create their own shirt, their own piece of art. Maybe one of them will become inspired.

So good luck, campers, completing your Artist Badge requirements. We wish you well, and hope each of you continues to develop an interest in and an enjoyment of art.

Chad Hatala describing the process of designing. Threds reaching out to the community. 
Chad is showing examples of custom screen printing projects. Custom t shirts in Knoxville, TN