3 Reasons Churches Need Custom Shirts

1 - They identify a person belonging to the church that can help! 

If someone new starts coming to your church, you want them to feel comfortable getting around. Having people properly placed through out the church, wearing custom branded church t-shirts, make your volunteers and/or staff much more approachable for questions, directions and starting new conversations!

2 - They Increase volunteer sign ups! 

Having the congregation volunteer their time brings unity to the church body beyond a Sunday service. There’s something special about belonging to something bigger than yourself and that can be done by participating in the greater good with your neighbor. T-shirts are a great tool to show appreciation for singing up and donating time. Plus, it’s always nice to have a tangible keepsake to remember the awesome experience! It’s also leverage to get contact info, so you can follow up later for another event, prayer request or church news!

3 - They help establish a churches name and branding! 

This might not be your first thought when ordering t-shirts for you church, but think about all the potential advertising you can get from your congregation wearing your shirts outside the church. This can bring the church into the community, start conversations and  hopefully tell someone new about your church, what they believe and so on. T-shirts can also be a great gift for newcomers as well! It’s a nice way to give back for visiting that day! Hopefully between the great service, friendly congregations and their new gift, it will inspire them to come back and bring a friend!

Consider getting shirts for your Church today. Contact Threds' sales staff with any questions. Also, be sure to check out the Threds' Specials page for all of the current apparel specials. 

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