Custom Tagging Just Got Easier!

Brand credibility gets a major boost when customers take advantage of having their garments custom tagged.

We here at Threds always had the capability to do such, but at a much slower pace using a manual press with a pocket attachment. Today, however, we can crank out up to 1,200 custom tagged shirts an hour with our new RapidTag machine.

With its two screen heads, we are able to boldly print customized tag information up to 4”x4”, and can use an underbase for darker colors to really allow your brand and tag design to stand out.

Custom tagging machine. T Shirt tagging process. Custom t shirts Knoxville, TN. 

Many customers opt for the larger size to not only tell consumers about a particular garment (what type of fabric, where it was made, etc.), but as an additional marketing tool to drive sales. Some include their company’s history; others go for a fun anecdote or joke, a quote in some cases. Some simply want an interesting design that attracts customers’ attention and help drive sales.

In short, Threds is working to make your products better and deliver them fast.

Contact a salesperson today about custom tagging options.