We Now Proof Art Digitally With ProofStuff!

We have changed the way we proof your artwork! Threds has moved to a digital proofing system that will streamline the art approval process. 

Instead of receiving an email with a PDF attachment, you will now receive a link to an online proof that shows your artwork. From there you can approve, download your artwork and request revisions directly to the artist. This easy-to-use system will make reviewing and approving your artwork a snap.

From now on, you will receive an email from one of our artists containing a link to your online proof. 

Which will take you to your own artwork proof site. 


Your artwork will be attached at the bottom of the site where you can approve or reject the design.

If a design is approved, simply enter your name and email. 

It sends us a notification to move forward immediately with production.  

The proof page background changes to green to denote that the art has been approved.

When the design is rejected, you will be prompted for a reason you are rejecting the proof, allowing you to give instruction for changes to the artwork. 

Here you can make instructions directly to the artists on what changes need to be made to the design. 

The background of the proof page is marked with red to denote the proof is declined and awaiting new artwork. 

From the proof page you can also view all of the artwork that needs your approval using the "View all my Proofs" function. This will allow you to quickly navigate between all of the proofs assigned to you.

This allows you to easily navigate between a number of art proofs and see which proofs you have not responded to yet.

Threds is constantly striving to make ordering faster and easier. Digital proofing is just one of the latest tools we have added. 

Look for your new digital proof, coming to an email near you.