Adding that sparkle to your design. Literally!

Roll of silver transfer foil. Custom t shirt printing options. T shirts in Knoxville, TN.

It may sound funny coming from the experts here, but traditional screen printing can come off looking a little boring now and again. Customers sometimes want that little glint, that particular sparkle, that shine, you know? Sometimes, they just downright want that BLING!

And now they can have it.

With our new foil printing system in place, with nearly 200 different foils from which to choose, we can mash the gas and add the flash to a design that might otherwise turn out a bit lackluster.

This two-step process involves, first, the normal screen printing process of laying a textile adhesive on to the area that will receive the foil, which is then oven-cured. Second, the garment is placed on the heat press with foil over the area with adhesive and is then pressed into the garment. The press’s heat activates the adhesive causing the foil to bond with the garment, and the excess foil is removed.

Apart from being capable now of adding a mirror finish or holographic element to clothing, we can also print the entire design in the reflective foil, or use it as an accent to a multi-colored design. It’s just the thing when you want to add that “pop” to your apparel.

Ask your sales associate about adding foil to your next shirt design.