Upgrade Your Shirt, Increase Your Profits

There are many schools of thought when it comes to pricing retail shirts, so we thought we'd offer a guide of sorts to help you determine how your dollars and shirts are adding up.


This price range is pretty typical for most T-shirt brands, offering a decent profit margin when selling retail and wholesale quantities. Most of these shirts are often heavy cotton or a simple 50/50 polyester/cotton blend shirt. These usually feature a single full front print with few colors and are very economical to print.


For just a few bucks more to produce, you can mark up your product an additional $20, upgrading to a ring-spun cotton shirt over basic cotton and adding more highlight and accent colors to a print,  including a sleeve/back/hem print. You can also add custom labeling to your apparel to increase the value of your brand, allowing for a higher sale price. 


These items are often considered luxury goods, produced on the highest quality base products like American Apparel or custom manufactured goods. For these high-end items, the decoration process is complex and labor intensive, featuring multiple print locations and recognizable preexisting brands to increase the value. A lot of these brands have high royalty fees that will eat into your profit margin.   

Keep this in mind when ordering your next product for retail. Adding a little to the cost of the product on the front end can result in a larger profit on the back end.