Every Band Needs Some Merch!

In a band and thinking, “We really need some rockin’ shirts to sell our fans!,” but have a budget a little tighter than your guitar strings? Here are some tips to keep it affordable, so your profits can get you to that next show with a little cash left over. 

Think KISS – Keep It Simple, Stupid.

For every color of a design, there’s a screen, and a fee. A three-color front and three-color back print is going to cost a lot more than what could be a sweet one-color front print.

Two-color designs can have a big impact.

When one color just won’t do, a second isn’t going to break the bank. And we’re currently running a great special on two-color prints right now (valid through 1/1/16).

Ask your sales associate about nice shirts that are comparable to the big brand names.

The Next Level 3600 or Canvas 3001 may only be a dollar more than one of those boxy jobs your fans don’t want to wear in the first place. Bear in mind that you’re wanting people to pay your for them, so comfort is as important as the design.

Discharge ink is continuing to grow in popularity

Several screen printers don’t use, but we do. Discharge ink works by becoming part of the shirt, not just a layer of ink on it, creating a pretty awesome effect that will move your shirts off the merchandise table.

Read More about discharge ink.

Take advantage of price breaks.

Volume, volume, volume. That’s what pricing is all about. Our price breaks come at shirt intervals of 26, 51, 101 and up. The price difference can be fairly large when you’re talking about getting 101 shirts instead of 51, which again helps your bottom line. Always remember to ask about price breaks!

Mix it up with a variety of shirt colors.

The same design can be printed on a number of colors most times. White discharge ink looks great on tons of colors, not just black. So long as the design stays the same, subbing in other suitable colors won’t affect the price. If you are wanting another color ink for the same design, there is only a small fee to do so.

Don’t procrastinate. Going on tour in a week?

We may not even be able to fit your order into our loaded production schedule. Be sure to contact a sales rep. when the idea hits, so details can get ironed out well in advance. 

If you have any questions, reach out to us. We’re always here to help.
This article is an adaptation of an article by Stuart of Vacord Screen Printing. The original article can be viewed here