We Mix Our Inks In House!

Mixing Pantone colors in house affords us the capability of matching more than 2,000 different colors, whereas stocking such would require a massive facility - never mind the logistical nightmare it would create. We, therefore, offer customers in need of specific colors that option.

We stock 250-plus colors, stretching the length of the color spectrum. Approximately 95 percent of the jobs we do use these stock colors. However, many jobs do require an exact Pantone color match, typically those for corporate clients whose branding guidelines have dictated particular shades be used in their logos. So we mix inks to meet such expectations.

Using a base, we mix stock colors according to the Pantone Matching System (PMS) to create those specific colors. Think of it as a big color recipe book.

Mixing colors is based on percentages. For example, we’ll use Tennessee Orange (PMS 151 C). The formula goes like this:

Pantone    Color      %

7503       Yellow    94.9%

7505       Scarlet   5.1%

Following that mixture, we achieve that (we’re a little biased here) beautiful orange we all know and love.

If we didn’t, by chance, have those colors, we could look up the formula to make those from stock white ink. So with the more than 250 stock colors at hand, we can whip up any of the Pantone colors required.

Custom Pantone ink mixing is available to Threds’ customers for an additional charge.

Tennessee orange offered for your next custom t-shirt order. Produced in Knoxville, TN.