Your Advertising Money - Screen Printing vs Radio

When it comes to your advertising dollars, getting the most bang for your buck is obviously the intention, and you might start leaning toward radio advertising instead of, say, something wearable to get your word out. So let’s take a comparative look at radio versus screen printing in regard to those advertising funds.

The average radio spot costs about $38.00 per 30-second spot in Knoxville, Tenn. As with most advertising, running an ad once or twice is a waste. You might as well drive down the road tossing your money out of your car window if that's your plan. Advertising needs repetition to be effective. You want your commercial to be heard multiple times in a week. Ten to twenty times per week is really the minimum frequency for which you want to shoot. This frequency is suggested by American Music Concepts, a  commercial radio sales resource, in their article How do I run a successful radio advertising campaign? With this frequency and average radio spot cost, you should spend upward of $760 a week--almost $3,500 each month--on a campaign that would effectively reach your customers. Yes, radio stations will offer special pricing for long-term advertising packages, but an average small business will spend roughly $1,500 a month on one of those packages, on one station.  

Now imagine you put just one month of radio advertising, $1,500, into a screen printing order. Unlike radio, which lasts only 30 seconds a time and only hits a few of your potential customers at specific times, on a single radio station, screen printed apparel can last for years. A quality, well-designed screen printed piece of apparel can be part of a customers wardrobe indefinitely. Apparel is NOT confined to a coverage area either. Do you have loyal customers in Ohio, Maine, the Pacific northwest, even overseas? A nice shirt slipped in with their next order means your brand can be represented across the country or world. 

Fifteen hundred dollars would get you about 200 shirts with a two-color design on a Next Level Apparel 3600, a premium, ring-spun, 100% cotton T-shirt, with over 30 colors to choose from. This pricing in through our current T-shirt special pricing on our Specials page.  That is potentially 200 people walking around their city with your logo emblazoned across their chest. Choosing a higher quality shirt will cost more, but these ring-spun shirts are softer and last longer, making them a possible new favorite that will be worn for years to come. 

Next time you look at your advertising budget, consider diverting some of those funds into a long-term advertising investment--custom screen printed apparel.