Spring Colors, Spring Apparel!

The trendiest colors for Spring 2016 are in, and we have the shirts to go with them! The fashion world is already ablaze in these colors, and you too can be in on the latest trend. According to the PANTONE® FASHION COLOR REPORT SPRING 2016, this season's unisex palette of colors "transcend cultural and gender norms . . . [and] give way to excitement and optimism, though quiet stability prevails in this season’s palette."

Fiesta - Pantone 17-1564

An eye-popping red that gets the party started, as its name suggests. Pantone highlights Pamella Roland and Malone Souliers as two designers incorporating the fiery hue into their spring '16 collections. District Made's "red frost" Perfect Tri Crew Tee, DM130, is a pretty close match. 


Buttercup - Pantone 12-0752

This season's take on yellow, called Buttercup, is certainly not so mellow — it's a richer, buttery hue that propels us straight to that first really sunny day of spring. Comfort Colors' "butter" is a great match to Buttercup, shown here in their Adult Tank Top, 9360.

Green Flash - Pantone 15-0146

Another major source of inspiration for spring is the contrast of greenery in an urban landscape, apparently — so you can expect to see Green Flash to be a big hit! Gildan's "Lime" matches Green Flash across the Gildan offering,  shown as the Ladies Heavy Cotton™ 100% Cotton T-Shirt.

Snorkel Blue - Pantone 19-4049

Even a traditionally fall hue like navy can get a refresher for the warmer months. This marine-inspired blue kicks up the brightness to give navy a "happier, more energetic context." "Cool Blue" is a great match from Next Level, The Boyfriend Tee, 3900, pictured.

Rose Quartz - Pantone 13-1520

A pale pink that's sweet without feeling overly frilly. Look out for this color, it will be everywhere this spring! "Blossom", shown as a Garment-Dyed T-shirt, C9030,  from Comfort Colors is a good doppelganger for Rose Quartz.

Serenity - Pantone 15-3919

Looks as soothing as it sounds. This color compliments most skin tones, and sells well for men, women and kids of all ages! You'll spot the calming color in spring '16. "Sky Blue" in the Delta Apparel collection is a great match, shown is the Adult 20/1's Surf Tee 5.5 oz, 19100. 

Lilac Gray - Pantone 16-3905

For a sleek transitional color you'll wear all through the weird in-between weather. The neutral color looks great on everyone!

Limpet Shell - Pantone 13-4810

Fresh, peppy, and basically everything we want out of a good shade of aqua. This mossy tone has a vintage flair and is perfect for your collection if your customers love color but crave a sense of sophistication. Next Level's "Cancun," pictured in the The Terry Racerback Tank, 6933, is a great option!

Iced Coffee - Pantone 15-1040

We certainly appreciate the straightforwardness of this color-name combo. It pairs well with cool tones as well as other warm tones and will be a great compliment to any piece. Check out the Perfect Weight Crew Tee, DM104L, in "Heather Latte" from District Made.

Peach Echo - Pantone 16-1548

As a pastel appendage to the popular shades of Coral, Peach Echo lightens things up and takes a softer approach. Take a look at Gildan's Softstyle Junior Fit T-shirt, 64000L, in "Hearther Orange."

We have hundreds of apparel options that would be comparable to any of these spring colors, so contact us today and find out what we can offer you!