Tackle twill offers unique, bold look with less stitches

When you really want to hit a visual home run with stunning embroidery that’s not measured as much by the stitch as it is with its “wow factor,” then embroidered appliqué is the bat you’ll want to use when you swing for that big, eye-catching embroidered piece of apparel.

...covers greater areas and requires less stitching...

Tackle twill, one example of appliqué, is a fabric that we electronically cut in house and use when larger designs are wanted. It covers greater areas and requires less stitching and is void of the heft of large, fully embroidered designs while still providing that bold look. Most commonly, it’s used in the athletic market. Nearly all collegiate and professional sports teams have this form of embroidery on their uniforms. Off the field or court, it leans more toward the retail side of sports apparel, used often for team names, logos, mascots, and, last but not least, by fraternities and sororities (think Greek lettering).  

There are various styles available, from vintage felt to various other forms of cotton materials, to achieve virtually any sort of look you’re going for or are in need of.

We do it all right here at Threds, so let us help you when you’re ready to run the bases with your out-of-the-park design.

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