Threds' Best of Art 2015

We asked each of the five artists, Will Evans, Jeff Caudill, Brandon Cottongim, Chad Hatala and Ryan McCray, to select their favorite piece they worked on in 2015. 

Will Evans, Art Director

Custom screen printing design for the USTA’s Adult League Championship. Screen printed design Knoxville, TN. 

"I worked on a lot of "out there" stuff this year including some incredibly fun work for Mellow Mushroom, but my favorite project would have to be the logo I created for USTA’s Adult League Championship. The design nods to my love for 70’s Avant-Garde, Thick Lines & old Atari video game package design."

~ Will Evans

Jeff Caudill, Senior Designer

Mellow Mushroom's "This Mortal Fungus" designed for the House of Shroom. 

"Jeff’s pick is "This Mortal Fungus" because he likes day & night I suppose…. Or the cycle of life or something."

~ Will Evans

Brandon Cottongim, Illustrator/Designer

Custom art for the Port Orange, FL Mellow Mushroom. Illustrated t-shirt design.  Made in Knoxville, TN.

"This is probably my favorite.  Because I just love to illustrate and this one was fun to work on, Mellow Mushroom Port Orange, FL."

~ Brandon Cottongim

Chad Hatala, Front-End Developer / Designer / Video Editing

Threds' new website has an updated look and more functionality. 

"I like the challenge and the reward of adding to the value of the Threds brand."

~Chad Hatala

Ryan McCray, Designer

Veteran's Day design for a custom screen printed t shirt. Boston Whaler 2015 Veteran's Day t shirt. 

"This is my favorite design of 2015. I enjoyed the content and the nostalgia aspect of this particular job. I was very happy with the way it turned out."

~ Ryan McCray