Fulfillment Programs

Threds, Inc. is a full-service, branded merchandise partner. We manufacture, warehouse, inventory and fulfill products through customized e-commerce solutions. Our experienced Fulfillment team provides amazing service, one-on-one support, and creative product branding. Whether you’re looking for a full-fledged retail store or a customized uniform program, we can handle it.


Protecting your brand’s integrity is of the utmost importance. We will work closely with you to protect it, whether that means using approved PMS colors, following a formalized style guide or ensuring your products project the right look and feel of your brand, we’ll take every necessary step to make sure your brand is properly represented. 


Having developed strong relationships with some of today’s most respected suppliers in the industry, giving us access to a vast range of product selections, better pricing, higher quality and faster turnarounds, we can see your products through from conception, to production, to fulfillment and ensure the items offered to you and your customers are the perfect reflection of your brand. 


We have the capability of building, designing and managing custom-built e-commerce websites that take your products or uniforms to the market. We’ll give it a look that fits your brand. We’ll also process and fulfill orders; process any returns or exchanges; seek customer input on product reviews; and, moreover, make your brand come to life.


Our customer service representatives work hard each day to process orders, answer questions and ensure customer satisfaction through the entire buying experience. We’re available by phone, fax or email. We know your products and your brand, and we work as an extension of your program. 



We help maximize your branding dollars by offering creative marketing support for your online stores. Things like Facebook posts, package inserts and customized email blasts help get your name out there and generate a buzz for your store. 


Our central warehouse and distribution center provides easy inventory storage, along with expert order picking, a wide variety of packaging options and quick and efficient shipping to your customers. We take care of your product, labeling and storing it under one roof, packaging it with care, and ensuring that your customers receive your branded products in a timely fashion. 


When it comes to inventory, we like to say that we have “skin in the game.” Nothing kills an e-commerce store faster than bloated inventory and low product turnover, which is why we manage your inventory every step of the way by tracking and analyzing product sales. We produce on a just-in-time basis, while concurrently identifying slow moving items and take aggressive steps to move them out to ensure that the amount of inventory on hand is appropriate to the sales volume of your store, allowing us to create new, fresh products throughout the year and not be handcuffed to stale inventory.


If you would like more information about our fulfillment programs or services please contact us.