Project Overview

Mellow Mushroom Pizza Bakers is an eclectic, art-filled, family-friendly pizza restaurant established in 1974 in Atlanta, Georgia with over 150 locations throughout the USA.  Their creative culture sets them apart from their competitors.  Every Mellow Mushroom is locally owned and operated which is why each one has a completely unique layout featuring custom designs, artwork, color schemes and signage.  No two stores look the same.  Their uniform program has always teetered on the edge of being progressive, with a noticeable thread of their original 70’s vibe still pulsating through every design. 



The Challenge

When Threds began a partnership with Mellow Mushroom in early 2015, Mellow’s biggest challenge was managing a significant amount of inventory for a program that offered a wide variety of products, both to their stores and consumers.  The question that we were challenged with was, “How do we offer a robust merchandise program that takes advantage of our size and reach, but also keeps our our inventory liability at a minimum?” They wanted to make sure that their inventory was maintained at a level that promoted quick turnover with little-to-no stale inventory. This is a hurdle that many restaurant programs face. Mellow understood early on that they had the size and volume to take advantage of large production runs and the low pricing that comes with it.  But, what happens when a logo changes or a new creative direction is proposed and large production runs suddenly become an inventory burden? That's where Threds provided a solution.

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The Solution



Threds immediately began brainstorming with Mellow's creative director in order to design a full array of shirts, hats, and promotional items. This completely changed the look and feel of their uniform program. After reviewing their challenges, we started working with their business coaches to help them understand the values and benefits of the online uniform program.  We started by analyzing their previous product and sales histories to determine the optimal inventory levels and management. As a result of this, we took over all of the production, design, inventory management and web design. By doing this, rather than printing a six month supply of products, we were able to keep their inventories at a six to eight week turnover level, restocking and replenishing only as needed.  This allows us to be flexible to their ever changing needs, to introduce new merchandise offerings quickly and easily, to make changes to the creative direction at any time, and to completely nullify their inventory liability.

While creating memorable artwork for each and every piece, we help Mellow Mushroom stand out in an overcrowded market. We help to provide unique branding solutions on both a uniform and retail level. Since taking over, Threds artists have created over 1000 unique designs for Mellow’s uniform program and retail displays across 150 locations. Threds has proudly provided custom sourced dresses, unorthodox embellishments, retail finished head-wear, high fashion t-shirts and everything in-between!

lasting impressions



One of the major goals of every corporate and online uniform program is lasting brand exposure for the company. In the case of House of Shroom, it was critical to develop a program of desirable and unique pieces that consumers would effortlessly purchase and adopt as part of their daily wardrobe. Threds continually strives to help achieve Mellow Mushroom's goals everyday. Hear what House of Shroom has to say about our partnership. 


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