Project Overview

Windrock Park in beautiful Oliver Springs, TN, is more than 72,000 acres of outdoor bliss, a privately owned playground offering hiking, biking, camping, event hosting, and over 300 miles of the finest, tire-spinning, grill-caking, mud-slinging, off-road action available. Among other amenities, the park includes a robust and inviting General Store, where guests can rent vehicles, purchase permits and maps, or peruse souvenirs and commemorative apparel, designed and produced by Threds.


The challenge

Windrock recognized that their General Store was a chance to do more than simply sell memorabilia; it was an opportunity to capitalize on the enthusiasm of its patrons and provide them with practical and eye-catching lifestyle merchandise. But, without a marketing team or creative expertise, the potential was unrealized. Threds acknowledged this as a unique opportunity and quickly jumped in to achieve the park’s vision.


The Solution



Windrock tasked Threds with truly maximizing the General Store’s branding capabilities, an assignment Threds accepted and continues to execute eagerly. To begin, Threds’ sales team frequently visited the park to monitor inventory as well as maintain a feel for the clientele base. Threds continually researches the newest and most relevant trends and products. As well as offer competitive pricing with lightning-quick turnarounds on orders large and small. The Art Department, which just so happens to be staffed with camping and outdoors aficionados, began to create a new batch of designs every Spring and Autumn.The entire apparel line remains in rotation to keep Windrock’s regular returning guests engaged and excited to discover something new with every visit. 

“From alien like rock gardens to dense forest which summit with amazing views, it’s really hard not to be inspired when your at the park.  All the cool toys everyone’s riding around in helps too” - Will Evans, Art Director

Threds supplies screen-printed/embroidered t-shirts, hoodies, jackets, onesies, headwear and branded promotional items ranging from koozies, drinkware and decals to lip balm, blankets and flashlights. The result? A bona fide marketing success and a trusted and enduring partnership!


lasting impressions



“Threds has ALWAYS taken good care of us.  Jeff, our Threds salesperson is super helpful in making the best decisions with us and finding the right merchandise for the Windrock Park General Store.  Service is always great and products are awesome.”

-Collins, Windrock Marketing Manager

Our Threds salesrep, has visited Windrock Park and its General Store to get a feel for our clientele.  He has worked tirelessly to find us the perfect hat and conveys to his design team our wants as well as how to represent what we do!

-Tiller, Corporate Secretary

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