Go Hands-Free with These New Products!


Hands-Free laws are slowly being implemented in states across the US to keep drivers away from their electronic devices while behind the wheel. To make this an easier habit, we have compiled a list of the hottest hands-free tech items to help you focus on the road instead of Facebook. Each of these products is under $20 and can be customized with your company logo. While drivers are safely operating their vehicles with the latest tech gear, they can also be thinking about your brand.  Here are our top picks for being hands-free on the highway.


Wireless Phone Mount


The Prim Wireless Phone Mount has a detachable wireless charging pad. Simply clip the mount into a car vent and connect the micro charging cable via USB port to provide power. Once the phone is clipped in charging starts automatically. Stay hands-free while charging your device at the same time!


Power Bank with Digital Display


This little battery backup will keep your mobile devices charged up, giving you about 8 hours of additional talk time. The LED digital power indicator will confirm exactly how much charge remains within the power bank. Includes a USB to Micro USB connecting cable which can recharge the battery backup. This allows you to conveniently charge your phone on the go at any time. 


Bluetooth Headset


This Bluetooth headset is comfortable and convenient. The headset features a built-in microphone to answer or make calls.Designed for an active lifestyle this headset is perfect for on the go. The built-in magnets on the earbuds allow for the headset to connect to each other for easy storage.



If you are interested in ordering any of these items or would like to learn more about custom hands-free accessories, please Contact Us! And remember, stay hands-free on the highway!

Top 5 benefits of an Online Uniform Program

Threds creates custom restaurant uniform sites.


#1. Uniforms at a touch of a button

The internet is a beautiful and easily accessible thing, so why not take advantage of it? Online shopping is incredibly relaxed and convenient for many consumers and in this case, employees, franchise owners and store managers. An online store features custom uniform garments for employees to order and pay for whenever needed. By creating an online ordering platform, it helps managers and franchise owners simply click to order.

#2.Complete customization

An online uniform program is a customized store that is designed to fit your unique set of needs.  It is important to feature quality items that are stylish, functional and offers flexible fit.  Online stores provides your company the opportunity to feature custom apparel unique to all of your store locations and is readily accessible for all store managers and employees.

#3. Supports all franchise locations 

An online platform is ideal for those that have multiple locations, but want to keep all locations brand consistent. in unison and as seamless an possible.  A consistent employee appearance is vital when creating a unified image for your company.

#4.Hands free

When having an uniform program, there are many efforts that come with it. This being said, when choosing to partner with an online uniform program consultant, all the work is done for you- hassle free. The consultant will build and manage your online store, develop apparel and promotional products, process orders/returns, warehouse and ship the products all in house just for you.  Certain consultants will also manage all customer service and customer inquiries which gives you one less thing to worry about! Sounds like a win, win to us.

#5.cost effective

Partnering with an online uniform program provider can help a growing business.  Your partner should provide an in-depth analysis of your current fulfillment and shipping methods.  Having a fulfillment partner create an analysis of your current inventory, labor, shipping and packaging options can open many opportunities for cutting costs and save you a lot of time.  A true fulfillment partner will offer you cost-savings along with guaranteed, on-time shipping and accurately fulfilled orders. You also benefit from cost savings and the satisfaction of having a one-stop shop for all your transporting, production, and order processing needs for your employees.

The Takeaway

Finding a well established online uniform program partner is ultimately the best route to take for your business and employees. In addition to value-added services, the convenience of connecting with a online fulfillment consultant takes all the burdens out of uniform programs out of your hands and into theirs. All the work is done for you, with a touch of a button!


If you are interested in starting your own online uniform program, we can help develop a custom e-commerce platform to support your needs. Find out why we are the perfect partner for you here.


Keep Your Customers Plugged In

Are you looking for popular promotional items that your customers will love? We have partnered with some of our top vendors to gather a list of the best customizable tech items. When you consider investing in promotional give-away items, you want things that your customers and prospects will be excited to keep. You want to find items that they will actually use time and again. Right now, tech accessories are all of the rage when it comes to promotional swag. Customers love them and it allows companies of all sizes to expand their brand reach!



The Universal Keyring Cable

Expand your brand reach with this stand-out promotional item. This keyring charging cable is not only innovative, but is something your customers will actually use!

When you take the keyring apart, the USB end easily connects to any power source: a computer, vehicle, external power bank and more. The smaller end plugs into your mobile device. This handy promotional item can be ordered with your choice of iPhone, Android or universal compatibility.



Bluetooth Headphones

The newest trend in smartphone technology has shaken up how we use our devices. The removal of the headphone jack from most new smartphone devices has made the traditional set of earbuds obsolete. It is also frustrating to keep your headphones plugged in when you are on the go.

Now is the best time to get your brand logo on an item that your customers and prospects are dying to get more of: Bluetooth headphones. 

download (2).jpg
download (1).jpg


3 in 1 charging cable

These metallic charging cables are fun and functional for promotional give-aways. Their multiple uses make them appealing to customers of all ages and demographics.

By adding your company logo to such a handy item, you will expand your brand's reach every time your customers and prospects plug-in their mobile device.

These 3 in 1 charging cables are great for trade shows, client gifts or promotional give-aways.



Mobile card holders

Card holders continue to be the most popular trend in custom promotional items. 

These are a favorite among both men and women as they are convenient and useful. 

Imagine your company logo on the back of your customers' and prospects' most used device. This is an excellent choice for expanding your brand reach!


Pop socket (004)_edited.jpg

POp Sockets

The newest, top-selling trend in promotional items is Pop Sockets. These small devices stick to the back of any smartphone or smartphone case.

They "pop" out to make it easier to hold on to the device and "pop" back in when the device is not in use.

This innovative new tool is sweeping the market in promotional give-aways. Put your logo on some today!

popsocket-uses (002).png


If you are interested in ordering any of these items or would like to learn more about custom tech accessories, please Contact Us!

We Don't Do Direct To Garment. Here's Why...

We sometimes get the question, "why do your have a 12 shirt minimum?" Threds has a minimum of 12 garments for screen printing orders because 12 items is the least number of garments that can be efficiently screen printed. With time it takes to prep the artwork, burn in the screens and set up the press, producing under 12 shirts would make the price per shirt astronomical. 

"Well, why don't you print direct to garment?" Direct to garment (DTG) printers offer lots of versatility, but they not up to par with the quality, as illustrated below, you have come to expect from Threds. We only produce the highest quality prints and cannot offer anything less than the best to our customers. 

The top photo is a print using a direct to garment machine. The art is blurry and the negative spaces fill in during the printing process. The screen printed version below creates a crisper and cleaner print that retains a high level of detail. 

The top photo is a print using a direct to garment machine. The art is blurry and the negative spaces fill in during the printing process. The screen printed version below creates a crisper and cleaner print that retains a high level of detail. 

Get More Bill For Your Buck!

Instead of just picking a hat for your logo, imagine that you could create your own hat for the same cost, and wouldn’t have to pay for them until they were delivered. What if it was all just a matter of a little more time?

With a bit of forethought and planning, an amazing hat with a great price could be yours. Our overseas programs can customize an original hat in about four months. These hats can feature customized fabrics, various embroidery styles, patches, trim, colors, closures, profiles, custom labeling and much more! Such options transform an ordinary hat into a true retail-quality piece of headwear. 

The process--from an idea to a physical sample--does, however, takes some time, from the thought, to the design, to construction and shipping. But the sky is the limit!


Take these two hats for instance. They are comparable in price. The primary difference is that Mercury’s hat took an extra 90-120 days to produce. Well worth the wait if you’re in need of 144-288 pieces, the standard production requirements. 

Contact Threds today to get started. We have great relationships with our overseas vendors, and our sales team and artists will work hard to help transform your idea into reality.

T Shirt Vocabulary


Here are a handful of terms that will help you choose the right garment.

Ring-spun cotton

These shirts are made from smoother and longer yarn compared to open-end yarn. It also goes through a spinning process that softens and straightens each fiber, creating cotton that is softer and more durable.

Combed and ring-spun cotton

Refers to a two-step process that occurs when turning cotton into yarn. First, the staples are combed to remove impurities or inconsistencies in the yarn, creating a softer touch. Next, in the ring-spun process, the yarn is made by continuously twisting and thinning the strands, creating a very fine rope of cotton fibers.

Carded open-end*

This is a cheaper way of turning cotton into yarn in which the fibers are bonded by a wrapped fiber that runs perpendicular to the fiber bundle. In ring-spun cotton, all of the fibers are aligned in the same direction. Up close you can see that carded open end fiber is bulky, fuzzy and creates an uneven knit. These are the hardest to get a quality print on but, we have tips for printing on lower quality cotton.

*A historical side note: The industry standard used to be a carded open-end tee but, as we move into an era where purchase decisions are driven by quality and not just price there has been more demand for combed and ring-spun tees in wholesale space.

Side Seams

These create the tailored structure a tee needs to fit correctly. Although more expensive to make, these are the only type of tees you’ll find in a retail store.

Tubular Tees

Cheaper to construct because they require less sewing. They are made of tubular bodies and don’t really fit right on people—they’re exactly the same on the front and the back, the only difference is the neck drop.


A term that refers to the diameter of a yarn, determined by the number of times you twist the fiber. The smaller the number, the thicker the yarn, and the higher the number the softer the yarn. Think about it the same way you think about sheets—the higher the thread count, the softer the sheets! Most cheap shirts are made from 18 or 20 singles. For a super-soft garment, aim for a single count of 30 or higher.


When referring to fabric, it is the number of ounces per square yard. Lighter fabrics tend to be made from combed and ring-spun cotton and are typically much softer than the heavyweight, open-end alternatives.


Another term for a cotton fiber. The fluffy piece of cotton (often called a “boll”) is plucked off the plant, contains about 250 “staples.” The high-quality thread is typically made from longer staples which are easier to spin into a fine piece of thread.


A Term used to describe how a garment feels. Combed and ring-spun tees have a soft hand, meaning they are super soft to the touch.